Noise Underground



  1. irregular fluctuations that accompany a transmitted electrical signal but are not part of it and tend to obscure it.

Five Groups; whether or not they had a make shift name or were an established band. All joined inside a basement in Hebron, Connecticut, November 28th. An electric riot of music ricochetted off the walls of a small dark room, strictly illuminated by the flash on my camera. 

This semi-chaotic evening brought friends and strangers together with the influx of artistic stylings. I stood above the crowd on the cushioned arms of a worn out sofa. The ground thumped with each chord of the bass, as heavily used leather boots and ripped converse sneakers flared to the highly talented hand made noise. 


The show attracted a variety of musicians, faces, and sounds.  Individual punk rock pieces froze members of the crowd, they stood ears open as tracks were played faceless to the audience.

  A rush of aggression crashed over the crowd when hip-hop stylings by Yung Pacemaker flooded the room. From every side elbows and fists were thrown, I could only stand center of the mosh pit for so long until camera equipment was compromised.

However, even from the sidelines the quick fire lyrics and intense guitar stylings made for a euphoric underground oasis.

Special thanks artist, Ben Keller, for inviting me to this thrilling pandemoneum of music.

Also thanks to the performers:

    The 350 sex toys
    All my friends are basketballs
    Tranquil Dirt Bags