Faces Of Windham

The Windham Project is a public art exhibition running from April 15th through May 25th, 2017. Funded by the Connecticut Office of the Arts and the National Endowment for the Arts.

‘Faces of Windham’ is a piece I’ve produced for The Windham Project. I photographed different characters native to the Windham area in the course of 7 hours.  


Capturing, in my opinion, the figures that bring this city to life. With the use of style, lighting, and lens choice I have attempted to glorify the subjects for any onlooker to see.

My goal with this installation is for the public to see their neighbors in a distinguished form and for those not native to the area to grow a respect for the Windham area. 

I want to thank all the subjects that posed for this project as well as the volunteers that helped make this happen. 

I hope you enjoy.

Thank you.